in Diaphragm Pumps
Wilden competitor Fluimac

Wilden, a legend brand.

Owned by PSG Dover, the Wilden brand is synonymous with air operated double diaphragm pumps. Competing against an industry-leading brand is always going to be a big decision and a tough job.
Users start to search for alternatives when they struggle to access on-site support, spares pricing and availability of the product.

Fluimac is an Italian pump company with the will to compete.

Fluimac products are in their own right, Industry leading in innovative design, quality and technical expertise.

Through continual research and development, Fluimac offers users the very latest technical options in this market. Understanding that people buy from people they trust, Fluimac and our distribution partners invest enormous effort into understanding our customers’ needs, maintaining high stock levels and a commitment to on-site advise and assistance with system design and ongoing technical support.

Recognising that every pump application is unique in that no two pump operations are exactly the same,  we take time to assist the customer in determining the right pump material, the right flow and pressure requirement and then the correct model pump to install.

For Fluimac that is not the end of the line, we don’t consider a pump sale to simply be a pump sale, we back that up with a full range of services.

On-site installation assistance and recommendations.

Telephonic pump selection or installation assistance and troubleshooting of an installation.

Full range of spare parts for every model sold.

Adequate stock holding to satisfy demand.

Competitive pricing of capital spends in terms of the pump and spares.

Full process guarantee.

Wilden brand is synonymous with diaphragm pumps

GM Pumps in South Africa is the National Fluimac Distributor and will be pleased to welcome your valued inquiry. Our technical team has extensive experience with pumps in general and diaphragm pumps in particular.

We look forward to assisting you with your project. 

The guys at GM Pumps in Durban really do outperform their opposition.
We were battling with pumps which kept on breaking down just months after installation. The cost of spares and downtime was destroying our maintenance and production budgets.
Evan Lewis pinpointed the problem and supplied a Fluimac P700 2″ pump on trial.

“Only pay if you are 100% satisfied”.

We had never experienced that kind of confidence or assistance from any other supplier in the past.
We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with GM PUMPS since then and consider them to be our partners in fluid system design and pump system management.

“Solvent plant owner, Durban”