The Fluimac P160 is a 1″ (25mm) fluid connection air operated diaphragm pump which is available in a variety of body materials. Aluminium, Stainless Steel 316, PVDF, Polypropylene and Carbon Fibre filled PP options.
Capable of a maximum flow rate up to 160 litre per minute at 8 bar drive air pressure, the P160 is the smallest process pump used in the process industry.


This unit is supplied with  ATEX II 3/3 GD c IIB T 135 Degree C certificate

Our company has found that air diaphragm pumps work best for the products we need to pump to and from tankers as well as into process applications. Fluimac air diaphragm pumps have proven their worth not only in the exceptionally competitive capital cost of the units but in the very low to almost non-existent maintenance costs. On the one occasion where we needed a spare part, the pricing for a diaphragm compared to the previous brands we used was far more realistic and acceptable.
“Process plant owner, Port Elizabeth”
Technical data
Fluid connections 1″ BSP
Maximum FLow rate 170 litre per minute
Maximum air pressure 8 Bar
Maximum suction lift wet 9 meters
Maximum Solids Passage 7,5 mm
Noise level 75 dB
Maximum Viscosity 35000 cps (Refer to technical for assistance)