in Diaphragm Pumps
Pneumatic driven pumps are extremely popular in applications where toxic or flammable fluids are needing to be transferred. The pneumatic pump does not have any of the problems associated with rotary seals as found in normal centrifugal. gear pumps or piston type pump units.
Being pneumatic, the pumps are inherently safe for operation in flammable environments.

Pneumatic double diaphragm pumps for difficult fluid transfer applications

Various chemicals picture
When it comes to handling flammable, strong alkalines and acids, or even toxic chemicals, the most important issue is the selection of the correct pump seal. Not only the type of seal but also the seals’ materials of construction. What faces to choose, what elastomer etc?
Danger of a seal failure to the operator, the infrastructure, (floors and support metal work), increase in flammable dangers, and the environment in general, make the seal selection crucial.

When selecting a pneumatic diaphragm pump these obstacles all seem to melt away. The pneumatic pump was initially designed to negate these issues. The diaphragm pump is ideal for handling these types of fluids effortlessly and with a minimum risk of any of the dangers described above.

Fluimac pneumatic diaphragm pumps are available from GM Pumps Durban. Our technical sales team will welcome the opportunity to be of service.