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Fluimac diaphragm pumps

Fluimac Phoenix Model P160 diaphragm pumps in production, Italy.

Extensive stock holding in South Africa with rapid delivery of all options. Fluimac in South Africa is proud of being capable of delivering all product options and spares on an ex stock or very rapid delivery basis. Our expertise in the air operated diaphragm market enables us to correctly design and supply both basic product or extensive pump systems with automatic process control or basic manual operation.

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Diaphragm pumps

A diaphragm pump is one of the most practical industrial pumps in use today. As an industrial pump used as water pumps for both process and wastewater applications, as chemical pumps, a metering pump or as a pressure pump. An air pump or air operated pump has many advantages over standard types of rotating pump technology. The diaphragm is the motive rather than a centrifugal rotating impeller, a gear, a lobe or a piston, all of which require specialised seals when used as chemical pumps or slurry pumps. Diaphragm pumps are ideal air pumps because they are intrinsically safe to use with explosive media like petrol and solvents. The wide range of material options Fluimac diaphragm pumps coffer result in material selections capable of handling almost any chemical. Temperature is also accommodated by material of construction selections. In South Africa, diaphragm pumps are the first choice of many industries for chemical pumps.

Fluimac diaphragm pumps compete with every established brand in the South African market, Sandpiper, Wilden, Aro, Blagdon, Yamada and Graco to name a few. Sandpiper and Wilden are two of the most recognised brands in the air pump market in South Africa. However, as air pumps gain traction across industries, end users have become more and more aware of the outstanding Fluimac advantage. Exceptional technical design of Fluimac diaphragm pumps with certified quality of manufacture, coupled with the simple cartridge air motor (Air valve) design which makes repairs and maintenance fast, cost-effective and simple. A semi-skilled worker can easily strip and repair a FLUIMAC diaphragm pump in minutes.

The most important benefit of the Fluimac diaphragm pump as an air pump is the simplicity of automation. The diaphragm pump has no mechanical seal which means it is leak proof, ideal for transferring or pumping fluids that are either toxic, flammable or in other ways a danger to the operator or environment. Should the air supply be restricted or shut off the pump will stop without damage, this means that by regulating the air supply the operator can control the pump. PLC operation via a solenoid valve on the airline can also mean that this pump is simply and safely able to run on auto. Should the discharge pipe be closed the pump will simply stop, without damage. This is a huge advantage compared to either positive displacement pumps or centrifugal pumps which would either be damaged or will destroy the pipe systems and seals. It also means that the pump can be controlled by opening or closing the fluid discharge valve. Flow can also be regulated in this way.

Fluimac diaphragm pumps are extremely forgiving when operated by unskilled operators. The Fluimac diaphragm pump is capable of self-priming to a depth of 9 meters at sea level, will achieve discharge heads up to 7,5 Bar and flow rates to 1000 litres per minute.

When used as a water pump the diaphragm pump comes into its own in explosive areas needing to be dewatered. Without the need for dangerous trailing electric cables or expensive certified control switchgear, the pumps are easily deployed to remove flood or wash water from any area. A simple air-line is all that is needed. Fluimac air pumps are often mounted onto trolley bases to facilitate easy mobility inside factories and petroleum refineries.

When it comes to automation for both water pumps and chemical pumps, the Fluimac diaphragm pump range has an ideal pump for all applications. Huge savings can be achieved when comparing other technologies to diaphragm pumps. The reliability of service, low, low downtime and high, high operational efficiency is guaranteed when using diaphragm pumps as dangerous chemical pumps on the plant. The safety aspect coupled with the lack of damage caused by operational challenges when there is a chance of dry running or closed valve operation. These reliability features make Fluimac diaphragm pumps a must have, a direct impact on any industries bottom line, saving on both repairs and downtime.

Consider using a Fluimac diaphragm pump for your application, call our fluid handling experts for help with design and advise on your pump system. With over 40 years of practical pumping experience, we at Fluimac South Africa are certain we will be able to assist you with your diaphragm pump inquiry.

Fluimac South Africa looks forward to assisting you with your selection.

Please consider having the following details available when making your inquiry:-

  1. Fluid?
  2. Air pressure available?
  3. Flow rate required (litre per minute)?
  4. The suction condition, will the pump operate under a flooded suction or will it have a positive suction head?
  5. The temperature of the fluid when pumped?
  6. The viscosity of the fluid when pumped?
  7. A sketch of the proposed installation is always of help.

We look forward to assisting you with your air operated diaphragm pump selection.

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Fluimac diaphragm pumps are designed and manufactured in Italy.