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Download the full 2017 catalogue click on the link below

2017 Fluimac Diaphragm Pump Catalogue

Fluimac diaphragm pump models available in South Africa comprise standard pumps which are manufactured and certified as Atex 2, an Atex range certified Atex 1 with conductive materials, a food grade range with FDA certification and a special service pump range.

The pump construction is extremely versatile with choices that enable the user to purpose select materials of construction for the pump required based on the material selections for any specific fluid.
For example, selecting the build for a pump to transfer water from a pit or sump into a tanker, given that this water may contain oil, diesel or even petrol residue, one would select an Aluminium pump with Hytrel diaphragms and valve construction with standard Buna O rings. However, selecting a pump to transfer water from a sump where the water could have been contaminated with Sulphuric Acid would result in the selection of a PVDF pump casing, Teflon (PTFE) diaphragm with Santoprene backup and Teflon (PTFE) valves and O rings.

More information on diaphragm pump material options can be found in our catalogue which can be downloaded from this web page. See link above.

Please do not hesitate to call our technical team for assistance with your next pump project.

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