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Fluimac diaphragm pumps
Fluimac Phoenix Model P160 diaphragm pumps in production, Italy.

Fluimac pneumatic diaphragm pumps are designed and manufactured in Italy to exacting quality standards. Units are also assembled in South Africa for markets in the Southern African region.

Quality certificates from Fluimac
Quality certificates from the production line of Fluimac air diaphragm pumps

Air operated double diaphragm pumps have rapidly become an industry standard for chemical and hydrocarbon pumping systems. User-friendly, cost-effective and reliable, these pump units are preferred industrial fluid pumping devices. Operated in various liquid transfer applications, the double diaphragm pump excels when compared to other types of pump technologies. Being air driven, the diaphragm action is not as aggressive as a centrifugal hydraulic force. Furthermore, the occurrence of seal failures and spills is significantly reduced or completely eliminated.

Fluimac offers the pump diaphragm, valve components and air pump body in various materials to satisfy a wide range of application. Fluimac diaphragm pump parts are readily available and rapidly delivered to any destination. From the ¼” miniature diaphragm pump model Phoenix 007, to the 3 inches Phoenix 1000, Fluimac is capable of fast delivery so that our users maintain production “up time”.

Logo for FLuimac diaphragm pumps
FLUIMAC pump logo

Demand for Fluimac products, because of our innovative product designs, rapid delivery, and dedicated service is accelerating the acceptance of our quality product rapidly throughout the world. The robust pump body and the innovative air handling actuator design, provide efficient, reliable cost of ownership benefits to users.

Poor air quality and high pneumatic drive pressures are the two parameters that must be rejected in any air diaphragm pump installation. We recommend quality air filter regulators be installed on all pumps to ensure clean diaphragm air, especially in humid atmospheric environments.

Pneumatic pumps by Fluimac are, robust, reliable, readily available and provide excellent cost of ownership returns to any business.

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