Diaphragm pump competition

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Fierce competition in the AODDP market

Fluimac air operated diaphragm pumps have outstanding benefits to the end user. Not only are the products of an exceptionally high quality with full CE certification, the selection of pump sizes for specific duty applications is very impressive.

GM Pumps CC has vast experience in this industry and is the driving organisation in marketing the Fluimac brand in Southern Africa and the UK. To serve the industry rapidly and with qualified service and sales teams, GM Pumps is committed to providing training and holding extensive stock. Our extremely active sales and support team continually stand by to assist both resellers and end users in any way we are needed. We are committed to supporting our stockist/distributors in all major centres of the territories in which we function.
While we progress in this endeavor, we are continually excited by the valuable lessons we have the privilege of learning as our organisation grows the distribution network. Looking at our efforts and experiences as we reach out to the end users who will benefit from our holistic offering of product, service, and expertise, we recognise the fight from the larger brands as we make our mark in the industry.

Fluimac AODDP brand picture


Our new sales agents experience the difference between the GM PUMPS team compared to many of the other established distributor companies and brands. Our product is proven, is manufactured to ISO standards, has full certification for Atex and FDA duties, and is available in an array of materials to support almost any duty requirement.
While Fluimac Diaphragm Pumps are very quickly accepted into the market through the exceptional efforts of our service and sales team, we do experience our share of disappointments. It can be really disheartening for our reseller agents to suffer the loss of an order to the more established “big brands” of the industry, especially when they have put in a huge effort to enable the customer to experience the Fluimac difference.
It goes without saying, one can have the best product, great technical literature, even outstanding “no obligation” trial units and still lose the business.

The customer cannot fully benefit from our product if we don’t fully participate all the way through the purchasing decision process.

Concluding a pump supply contract handshake


When the BIG brands must call in their top salespeople to “negotiate” a deal behind closed doors, close that deal with huge discounts to secure the “business”, we know our “new kid on the block brand” is attracting attention, and we are winning a brand position in hearts and minds.

Today (14/02/2018) was such a day in the life of the Fluimac brand in South Africa.

The pneumatic diaphragm pump industry is highly competitive, dominated by established brands, Wilden, Sandpiper, Blagdon, Aro, Yamada, Versamatic, Verder and Graco.

Through one of our resellers, we helped to promote our Fluimac air operated diaphragm pumps to a medium-sized coatings company based in Cape Town. A trial pump, with no obligation to purchase, was provided for testing on their viscous paint products. Three months after the unit was delivered, the trial was completed with the very excited customer reporting that they were really impressed.

The Fluimac P160, our 1” pump, had outperformed their BIG Brand NAME 1” model they has been using by a significant margin. The customer further indicated that Fluimac was the preferred purchase option, and, they urgently needed 5 units.

Two days later, that good feeling of having recognition for our products outstanding quality, exceptional design and performance was shut down. The gushing customer satisfaction report with acknowledgment of the superiority of the Fluimac product, our service, and commitment to support was all blown away as we were informed that the company MD made the decision to go with the BIG brand option, seemingly based purely on “PRICE”.

Essentially the Big Brand sales team took advantage of having existing product on site. It is possible that they love the spares revenue and simply factoring in dropping the new unit pricing significantly, secure the sale and the revenue stream from future spares orders which will then continue and escalate.

A very embarrassed factory foreman was tasked with informing our sales agent that this had occurred. Essentially the decision was made by the person with the authority to do so. Our sales agent has incorrectly invested in the wrong person in terms of the decision process.

Pump model options

Correct pump materials and pump size produce up to 30% savings

Without the Fluimac team being involved more closely with the decision maker, he purchased a vastly inferior product, proven by his own companies extensive comparison testing. Had we simply highlighting the incredible product benefits to the customer, in terms of performance compared to the BIG BRAND, lower air consumption, simpler maintenance requirements and correct pricing for the materials options needed, the customer would have saved 30% of his capital payment.


Fluimac, challenging the BIG BRANDS

It is very gratifying to learn that major, well-established brands and their sales teams recognise that Fluimac is a competitor in the air operated diaphragm pump arena. When big brands must dramatically reduce their margins to compete with Fluimac, we know we are gaining traction in our industry.
Fluimac is being recognised by end users as having: –
Exceptional products,
Outstanding Support in terms of spares and technical skill,
Competitive Pricing
Fast Deliveries nationwide
The Lesson we learned today.

• While Fluimac as a brand is smashing down the barriers to entry in this niche pump market, we cannot afford to be complacent in assuming our resellers know the product as well as we do. We need to greatly improve our mentorship role to transfer the understanding and passion we have for our brand.
• Train new resale organisations thoroughly so they understand the size comparisons, performance and construction material options to fully benefit the end user. (We had offered a far superior build compared to the customers need and the oppositions offer.)
• Ensure the resale agent is communicating the correct data to the end user customer. Provide the reseller with the correct format of the quotation to include all the technical detail relating to the product being offered. (The reseller did not submit the offer to the customer in a clear and concise format.)
• Because of the highly efficient pump design, it is imperative that we Include an offer for one pump size down, leaving less room for the opposition to counter offer. (The Fluimac 1” pump outperformed the BIG brand, used less compressed air, was quieter, has a much more robust build, is available ex-stock, is fully supported locally in spares and services. Our ¾” P100 competes with their 1” pump size)
• Monitor the opposition activity with the end user as closely as possible to understand their sales effort and methodology. (Our reseller accepted a non-decision makers word as a given order signal instead of identifying the actual decision maker and making contact to build the relationship

Cape Town, South Africa

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Cape Town

Cape Town City Logo


Our Cape Town Sales and Marketing office is located in the Victoria and Albert Precinct, Cube Work Space, Corner of Dock and Portswood Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, 8001

Please ensure you call before visiting to ensure we are actually in.

We do not keep any products at this office location, our warehouse in Cape Town is a Bond store which means there are procedures that need to be followed, we deliver directly to your door anywhere in the Cape Province via our courier service. We also have our own delivery capability for the greater Cape Town Metro area which can deliver on the same day service.

Cape Town is an amazing city, nestled in the shadow of one of the most recognised natural landmarks in the world, Table Mountain. The city named the World Design Capital for 2014 by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design. In the same year, the American New York Times and the British Daily Telegraph named this multicultural city the best place in the world to visit.
Table Mountain overshadows the V and A waterfront
Kaapstad, as the city is called by the Afrikaans speaking population, is the oldest established city in South Africa. Seat of the Parliament of South Africa located on the shore of Table bay, the city was established by the Dutch Each India Company (VOC) for supporting the Dutch ships sailing around the Cape on route to India, the East African coast as well as the Far East.
In 1952 on the 5th April, Jan van Riebeek arrived, establishing the first permanent European settlement, the city grew quickly being the economic and cultural foundation of what became known as the Cape Colony. The city remained the largest city in what is now known as the Republic of South Africa until the Gold Rush development and the city of Johannesburg sprung out of the plains of the Witwatersrand.
The surrounding plains and mountains have seen the development of some of the worlds finest vineyards. Access to world markets through the Cape Town harbour and the International Airport ensures International exposure. The city boasts a wealth of activities for tourism, the mountain cable car being a major attraction, beaches, hiking, deep sea fishing, surfing and cycling. The world famous Argus cycle tour attracts well over 50000 visitors to the city each year.

Economic growth

Cape Town is a key manufacturing centre for many products distributed both nationally and internationally. Since 1994 and the fall of apartheid, the city has predominantly been governed by the opposition party in South Africa, the DA. The progressive policies of the city have attracted many skills to the city resulting in huge growth both in population and in development of houses and other infrastructure. Unfortunately, the majority ANC government under president Zuma has imposed major restrictions on the development of water supplied to the city. The city is facing a crisis in 2018 with severe water restrictions threatening the tourism and agricultural sectors.

Industrial Development

With the explosion of economic development over the past 20 years, the city has also experienced the developments of the manufacturing sector. Diaphragm pumps have been a key component to may companies in their expansion plans due to the favourable benefits offered by this technology. Fluimac, distributed by GM PUmps is playing a major part in the development of this product into the local market.

Durban, South Africa

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Durban, South Africa

Durban South Africa City Logo Fluimac diaphragm pump headquarters
Durban City beachfront


Durban used to be referred to by locals as the last British outpost prior to 1994 when South Africa officially abandoned the apartheid system of government. The local ANC government wasted millions on renaming street names in an attempt to remove the colonial structure of the British colonizers. Without any recognition for the rich history and potential value of tourism in years to come, the cheap political point scoring of the corrupt ANC lead government squandered not only the future opportunities of the city, it squandered resources that could have been used to uplift poor and struggling communities.

The local Zulu language refers to the city as eThekwini. Taken from the Zulu language, “itheku” which means sheltered waters or what is referred to in English, “lagoon or bay”. South Africa is made up of 7 provinces, Durban is in the province of Kwa Zulu-Natal and is the largest city in this province, with the largest, busiest harbour in South Africa.

Durban South Africa picture of rickshaw
Durban Golfers Paradise
The Durban Metropole is also the third most populated city in South Africa after Johannesburg and Cape Town. A major South African tourist destination, Durban offers the visitor a variety of activities from surfing, mountain hikes, game reserves, deep sea diving, beaches, fishing kite surfing, major sporting events like Rigby, Cricket, Swimming, Golf, and many other activities.
With a population in excess of 4 million people the city also has many challenges, with African refugees flocking into the city from Mozambique, Zimbabwe and further afield, the city has many cultures and communities settling into the unique lifestyle. The sub-tropical climate is very conducive to outdoor living with the result the majority of the population is extremely active in sport and outdoor recreation. The beaches and excellent road system makes the city easily accessible to both residents and visitors for many activities, Durban has an extensive “bike friendly” path system which promotes the use of cycles for both recreation and commuting.
Durban South Africa Cycle Track
Cycle race Durban South Africa
Together with Doha, LaPaz, Havana, Beirut and Kuala Lumpur, the city has been recognised as one of the new 7 wonder cities of the world.
The Metro also boasts a very active commercial community with many world leading manufacturing facilities. Toyota manufacturing is based in Durban from which the motor vehicle brand exports to all over the African continent and abroad. Bakers biscuits have a large facility in Pinetown, a town which forms part of the metro. Beacon sweets which distribute its products internationally is in Durban. The Engineering industry also has many high profile companies which not only manufacture unique product for international consumption, these businesses are often leaders in their fields.
Durban is a hive of potential for any company looking to invest in an economy with ample labour and in many ways first-world facilities.
Fluimac diaphragm pumps are well established in this market as a leader in the services to local industry. While the distributor, GM PUMPS CC offers many pump options, the company is a leading distributor of the Fluimac brand of products in South Africa.
Fluimac Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps are assembled and tested for distribution into Southern Africa and the Southern African Island states.
Moses Mabida Stadium Durban South Africa
Surfing city DurbanSouth Africa

Why Choose A Diaphragm Pump?

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Why select a pneumatic diaphragm pump?

Run Dry Without Damage
Diaphragm pumps are selected when the user needs a pump that is capable of running dry, or in other words, when there is a possibility that the pump may not be monitored and the fluid being pumped could be depleted. The diaphragm pump will simply go into a snore mode. Any rotating type pump, a centrifugal for example, if left without fluid passing through the unit, would result in a damaged mechanical seal with potentially costly downtime, spares, and danger to personnel and environment.
Safe Chemical and Flammable Fluid Transfer
Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps are also selected when there is a need to transfer Toxic, Acidic or Alkaline Chemicals or Slurries. The sealless diaphragm pump design enables one to safely and simply handle difficult fluids.
Flammable environments or applications where the pump system is required to transfer flammable fluids, makes the intrinsically safe air operated diaphragm pump a unique and preferred technology. Without the need for expensive electrical installations and specialized staff, the air operated diaphragm pump with ATEX certification is a great option for both bulk and process pumping applications.
Simple Pump Automation
Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps are ideal for selection when there is a demand for simple, safe, low-cost plant automation. Close a valve on the discharge pipe and the pump will simply stop, open the valve and the pump will continue to transfer fluid. One can alternatively simply shut the pneumatic feed to the air motor of the pump and the pump will stop, open the valve and the pump will continue to operate. This is one of the simplest types of pumps to automate and integrate into a process.
Unskilled Operators
Air Driven Diaphragm Pumps are also extremely popular where the process is to be operated by unskilled or semi-skilled labour. The safety aspect of both staff, equipment, process, and environment is a key factor in selecting this type of pump technology. Because the pump is seal-less, it will not leak even when it runs out of fluid to pump or when an operator closes the discharge valve in error. Mine or construction site dewatering applications are prime examples for this type of pump abuse. Diaphragm pumps allow for circumstances in the fluid transfer space where other types of pump technologies will struggle to operate effectively.

Diaphragm Pump Installation Tips

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The basics of pump installation

When installing a pneumatic diaphragm pump, anyone who is not familiar with pumps and pump installations will often make small mistakes that result in costly damages.

Here are some useful tips that will save you having to learn the hard way.
1) The diaphragm pump must be mounted onto a rigid baseplate.
2) The suction port size must never be reduced.
3) The suction pipe or hose must never be smaller than the suction port size.
4) The suction pipe or hose must be as short as possible and preferably never more than 5 meters
5) The discharge pipe can be reduced subject to design requirements within reason.
6) The pump must have a dedicated air filter/regulator installed.
7) The air pressure must be regulated to 2 bar on the first startup, especially if the pump is fitted with TEFLON diaphragms.
8) A cycle speed of 60 to 70 cycles per minute is ideal for long life and a low cost of ownership.

Pump baseplate

When receiving the pump, if it was not ordered with a rigid baseplate, make sure the unit is bolted down onto a baseplate to secure the unit. Pumps are often not bolted onto anything, the very nature of the diaphragm pump is that it moves with the cycling of the diaphragm, That movement on concrete will eventually wear the pump feet down resulting in costly spare part purchases.

Never reduce the suction port

The suction port size must never be reduced.
For example, a 1″ pump will have a 1″ suction and discharge port, the suction port must never be reduced to a 3/4″ or 1/2″ because that is the size pipe or hose you have on hand.
Install a 1″ hose or pipe fitting onto that port, never go smaller.

Never install a suction hose or pipe smaller that the pump suction port

Fluimac Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps in South Africa

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Fluimac air operated diaphragm pumps, a young, dynamic family-owned Italian company with a passion for excellence and innovation. Our dedicated research and development team is constantly working on new and improved design options and products to effectively address customer needs. Being customer orientated and dedicated to solving specific fluid handling demands, the Fluimac design team excels at rapidly addressing the technical aspects of our product range to satisfy the specific needs of our customers.
Fluimac diaphragm pumps South Africa, is a rapidly growing brand in the local diaphragm pump market, The brand is built on customer service, technical expertise, availability and competitive pricing.

Competitive Brand

The Fluimac Pump brand actively competes with all the giant, well established global brands.

As the diaphragm market is dominated by Wilden, Sandpiper, Aro, Blagdon, Yamada, Versamatic, Graco Husky and Verder to name a few/

The Fluimac brand is gaining increasing traction in the market due to the focus on customer expectations.
Our customers value the time we take to understand the application, guiding the selection process so that we correctly identify the right pump model and material of construction for each fluid handling application,

Fluimac diaphragm pump quotations offer a full process and product guarantee.

The Fluimac technical selection is then followed up with rapid stock availability and excellent pricing across the range.

More info ……..

Standard Diaphragm Pump Range

The standard diaphragm pump range is supplied with an ATEX ii certificate. These pumps are offered in the following sizes :-
1/4″ model P007
3/8″ model P018
1/2″ model P030
1/2″ model P050
1/2″ model P065
3/4″ model P100
1″ model P160
11/4″ model P250
1/1//2″ model P400
2″ model P 700

Materials of construction include Polypropylene, PVDF, Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

ATEX Diaphragm Pump range

FDA Food Grade Diaphragm Pump range


Drum Pump Range

Duel Fluid Range

Small Diaphragm Pump

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The Small Diaphragm Pump Range offered by Fluimac is available in various materials of construction. The pumps are ideal for installation into industrial original equipment like washing machines, to pump detergents, rinse aid and sterilizers.
The Fluimac small diaphragm pump range is made up of two models, the 1/4″ P007 and the 3/8″ P018.

P007 small diaphragm pump Fluimac
The small diaphragm pump series also includes the 3/8″ Fluimac P018 pumps. In this size Fluimac offers the pumps in non-metallic and metallic options. The smallest stainless steel diaphragm pump in our range is ideal for many chemical transfer applications where small volumes are required for batch control or test samples.
The P018 Fluimac small diaphragm pump is extremely popular as a sample pump in process plants throughout the world. WIth the 3/8 ” inlet and outlet the pump fits easily onto a very small footprint and can be tucked away into any type of industrial machine. Crate washer manufacturers find the small diaphragm pump by FLuimac to be an exceptional component in the success of the washers.
small diaphragm pump by Fluimac model P018

Amazing small diaphragm pump from Fluimac. We use these little units to circulate diesel on trucks in our moisture removal systems. We have found Fluimac diaphragm pumps to be 100% reliable, extremely cost effective and the distributors, GM Pumps in Johannesburg to be exceptional in their service.


Wilden competitor

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Wilden competitor Fluimac

Wilden, a legend brand.

Owned by PSG Dover, the Wilden brand is synonymous with air operated double diaphragm pumps. Competing against an industry-leading brand is always going to be a big decision and a tough job.
Users start to search for alternatives when they struggle to access on-site support, spares pricing and availability of the product.

Fluimac is an Italian pump company with the will to compete.

Fluimac products are in their own right, Industry leading in innovative design, quality and technical expertise.

Through continual research and development, Fluimac offers users the very latest technical options in this market. Understanding that people buy from people they trust, Fluimac and our distribution partners invest enormous effort into understanding our customers’ needs, maintaining high stock levels and a commitment to on-site advise and assistance with system design and ongoing technical support.

Recognising that every pump application is unique in that no two pump operations are exactly the same,  we take time to assist the customer in determining the right pump material, the right flow and pressure requirement and then the correct model pump to install.

For Fluimac that is not the end of the line, we don’t consider a pump sale to simply be a pump sale, we back that up with a full range of services.

On-site installation assistance and recommendations.

Telephonic pump selection or installation assistance and troubleshooting of an installation.

Full range of spare parts for every model sold.

Adequate stock holding to satisfy demand.

Competitive pricing of capital spends in terms of the pump and spares.

Full process guarantee.

Wilden brand is synonymous with diaphragm pumps

GM Pumps in South Africa is the National Fluimac Distributor and will be pleased to welcome your valued inquiry. Our technical team has extensive experience with pumps in general and diaphragm pumps in particular.

We look forward to assisting you with your project. 

The guys at GM Pumps in Durban really do outperform their opposition.
We were battling with pumps which kept on breaking down just months after installation. The cost of spares and downtime was destroying our maintenance and production budgets.
Evan Lewis pinpointed the problem and supplied a Fluimac P700 2″ pump on trial.

“Only pay if you are 100% satisfied”.

We had never experienced that kind of confidence or assistance from any other supplier in the past.
We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with GM PUMPS since then and consider them to be our partners in fluid system design and pump system management.

“Solvent plant owner, Durban”

Air Pump Diaphragm

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Logo for Fluimac South Africa
An air pump diaphragm is made from various materials, Fluimac diaphragm pumps offer the following materials:-
picture of air pump diaphragm options
The air pump diaphragm is often the most expensive component in the spares basket. For this reason, it is very important to commission the pump correctly, especially when it comes to pumps fitted with TEFLON (PTFE) diaphragms.
Fluimac recommends that a Air Filter/ Regulator be fitted to each pump, especially those with Teflon diaphragms. Because Teflon has no memory and will keep the shape to which it has been stretched, it is critically important to set up a new pump installation with very low pressure while the discharge pipe and the fluid chamber is empty. Only once the pump is primed and the pressures on both the air side and the fluid side are similar should the drive air pressure be increased slowly.

While Air operated diaphragm pumps are simple devices and extremely easy to operate and manage, the diaphragm pump must be correctly set up and managed in order to benefit from the low costs associated with this type of pump operation.

GM Pumps really helped us resolve the issue we had of operators turning up or destroying the air filter regulators on our diaphragm pumps.

GM Pumps took the time to investigate the reason for our considerable pump diaphragm failures and engineered a simple solution, the regulators are now all locked up once set.

Our repairs have reduced to a minimum and the pumps are lasting for years instead of weeks or months.

We really appreciate the efforts of this company and they have become great friends as they continually assist us in improving our operation.

Solvent plant owner, Durban, South Africa

air pump diaphragm protection device
One way to protect the air pump diaphragm is to set the air pressure on the regulator once the pump has been installed into a fixed location. Install an air “Filter Regulator Lockup” device like the GMPUMPS CC unit shown. This allows the unit to be set and locked so that plant personnel cannot change the setting. This effectively locks the speed and the pressure of the pump removing any option to change that settiing.

Pneumatically Driven Pumps

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Pneumatic driven pumps are extremely popular in applications where toxic or flammable fluids are needing to be transferred. The pneumatic pump does not have any of the problems associated with rotary seals as found in normal centrifugal. gear pumps or piston type pump units.
Being pneumatic, the pumps are inherently safe for operation in flammable environments.

Pneumatic double diaphragm pumps for difficult fluid transfer applications

Various chemicals picture
When it comes to handling flammable, strong alkalines and acids, or even toxic chemicals, the most important issue is the selection of the correct pump seal. Not only the type of seal but also the seals’ materials of construction. What faces to choose, what elastomer etc?
Danger of a seal failure to the operator, the infrastructure, (floors and support metal work), increase in flammable dangers, and the environment in general, make the seal selection crucial.

When selecting a pneumatic diaphragm pump these obstacles all seem to melt away. The pneumatic pump was initially designed to negate these issues. The diaphragm pump is ideal for handling these types of fluids effortlessly and with a minimum risk of any of the dangers described above.

Fluimac pneumatic diaphragm pumps are available from GM Pumps Durban. Our technical sales team will welcome the opportunity to be of service.