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Air Drum Pump by Fluimac, Italy

Excellent Technical Knowledge and Assistance On Site (see note below)

Air drum pump by Fluimac
An air drum pump is an ideal option when transferring fluids from 220-liter drums. The Fluimac range of air drum pumps comprises units from the P30 to the P160. The most common option, however, is the P30 with a flow rate of 30 liters per minute this model is well suited for mobile operations.
Being air driven the pump is also intrinsically safe making it useful when needing to operate in flammable environments.
Being manufactured in a variety of materials the pump can be selected to suit the application whether pumping acids, alkaline, polymer or fuels, and solvents.

Air Pressure Settings

Air pressure settings are very important when commissioning an air operated diaphragm type drum pump.
The drum pump application being mobile in that the drum pump is consistently moved from drum to drum, often means that the transfer is at a very low pressure normally under 10 meters of water column. This low head pressure also means that the pump should not have an air pressure setting of more than 2 bar maximum on startup.
Essentially the air pressure on the drive side of the diaphragm will be 2 bar if set correctly and the fluid side of the diaphragm is zero on startup because the pump has just been moved into position. At a 2 bar air drive pressure, the force exerted on the diaphragm without any opposing force on the fluid side is not sufficient to damage the diaphragm. However, if the pump is started without regulating the air pressure down to 2 bar, the standard plant air pressure will be applied to the drive side of the diaphragm, anything up to 8 bar can “hit” the diaphragm. With 4 bar or more on the drive side of the diaphragm at startup and zero on the fluid side, even a new pump can be severely damaged.
It is essential, specifically with drum pumps that a good quality air filter/regulator be installed and set to 2 bar as a standard.
If the head required for the transfer of fluid is greater than 10 meters above the drum, the operator can then slowly increase the air pressure so that the pump is achieving at least one pulse per second.
Also, see information on our blog on Viscosity and how that effects a diaphragm pump. If you have any questions or require more information please contact us directly for assistance.
Fluimac really does provide an excellent service.

The distributor in Durban, Bruce from GM Pumps, took time to assist us in transferring high viscosity product from 220-litre drums into our reactor vessel. Our initial pipe installation was incorrect and the pump was not performing to the design requirements.

Immediately GM Pumps reacted and took the time to identify the installation issue.

The pump works like a dream, we are 100% satisfied with their service and the technical knowledge provided.